About us

Founded in 2010, Leon Gallery is primarily known as the leading gallery specializing in historically important and museum quality Philippine art.  Old Master paintings such as those done by Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fabian de la Rosa, and Fernando Amorsolo lie at the core of Leon Gallery’s collection.  The gallery’s holdings include modernist works of notable artists such as Fernando Zobel, Romeo Tabuena, Diosdado Lorenzo, and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, among others. 

Since the pieces of Leon Gallery are steeped in history and tradition hence having impeccable provenance, the gallery persists to have an exemplary level of scholarship, especially in the authentication and documentation of important pieces.  Thus, authenticity for each artwork is guaranteed.

Furthermore, Leon Gallery is a purveyor of Philippine antiques, which hark from the pre-Hispanic to the Hispanic era. Antique furniture, ivory, orientalia, pottery, and rugs are included in the gallery’s special heirloom and estate pieces.

The meticulous selection of antiques and objets d’arts complement Leon Gallery’s active purchase and acquisition of Philippine art of distinct caliber in the local and international fields, apart from handling personal and private consignments.  Accordingly, we encourage you to contact us for works you would wish to sell or acquire.